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Contoh Jurnal Ekonomi Pembangunan Terbaru – ABSTRACT

Jurnal Ekonomi Pembangunan TerbaruForty-eight years ago, long before the New Order began, Soedjatmoko published a paper on “development as a cultural problem.” 2. For Soedjatmoko, “economic development is not a mere economic process, the seafarer is an embodiment of social and cultural change While we are in unity “(1983: 21). Development is always a change of perception and attitude towards life as a whole, not in separate parts. Therefore, every process of economic development there is always a noneconomic factor in it. There are three processes in which culture takes a very important place in it. First, culture is an important factor in the transformation process. Second, culture as well as value as an obstacle to the transformation process because its value is not appropriate and contrary to the values ​​and new life practices. Third, culture must also be seen as the product of a process of transformation in which it is and is reproduced in everyday life. This paper tries to discuss the same position and wants to show the scenarios that need to be done in the process of transforming society into the next phase. Download


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