Jurnal Ilmiah Pengentasan Kemiskinan Dan Psikologi Sosial

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This post describes poverty which is really a big problem for this planet, particularly in Indonesia. The estimation is there will be 1. 4 billion poor people in the planet and there will be about 35 million poor people in Indonesia. Poverty affects several facets of life for example : education, housing, crimes, and social anxiety. All the presidents of Indonesia, many non-governmental organizations and also the society, happen to be trying to avoid the increasing rate of poverty. Unfortunately, there isn‘t any significant result thus far. Incomplete understanding about poverty might explain the non-significant results of poverty prevention. Poverty is typically stated like the poor people’s lacking of entrepreneurship, of skill, which the poor has negative personality sides. Based for this incomplete understanding, this post proposes some alternatives for comprehensive cultural and structural intervention. The social psychology approach for poverty eradication
poverty elimination through individual,
means the intervention is to the individual and his / her Social
environment during which social structural and cultural are included.
Individual intervention implies that we have to cut the poverty circle, Cultural intervention implies that we have to change this deprivation culture. Structural intervention implies that we have to affect the paradigm in regards to the poor held by people who do business with policies associated with poverty.
Keywords : poverty culture, poverty cycle, deprivation, frustration,
uncontrollability, helplessness, depression, passivity, dependency,


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